Amazon Sold Out of PlayStation 4 ‘Launch Edition’ in Pre-Orders

If you wanted to buy the PlayStation 4 ‘Launch Edition‘, you might just be out of luck. If you planned on buying it at Amazon, that is. That’s because Amazon has sold out of PlayStation 4 ‘Launch Editions’ during the first couple of days of pre-orders, and they have no idea if they will be getting any more.

That means, if you do want to pre-order a PlayStation 4 on Amazon, your only choice right now is the ‘Standard Edition‘, and you won’t get that until December 31st they’re saying as there have been so many pre-orders for it already they may not be able to keep up with the rush.

Of course, if you want the Xbox One ‘First Day Edition’, Amazon has plenty of those left. Why? Because few gamers want one.

Special NoteBy the way, just in case you didn’t know, Amazon has come out saying the Launch Edition and the Standard Edition are EXACTLY THE SAME, so if you felt bad about missing the ‘best edition’, don’t. The Standard Edition isn’t any different. But… can guarantee it will sell fast, so buy it while you can.

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