Beck releases psychedelic lyrics video for ‘Dear Life’

Beck releases psychedelic lyrics video for ‘Dear Life

Earlier in the month, alternative rock icon Beck announced Colors his long-awaited thirteenth studio album finally had a release date — October 13th this year on Capitol Records. On Friday, he released a lyrics video for ‘Dear Life‘ the latest release from the upcoming album.

Beck describes the song as “just about the inevitable turmoil of being alive. Like, can somebody throw me a lifeline here?”

The lyrics video for ‘Dear Life‘ was directed by Jimmy Turrell, Laura Gorun and Brook Linder, animated by Computerteam and has a cool trippy 1970s feel to it. The song, though, is a bit bland with a feel of ‘haven’t 300 other musicians already created something similar?’ The other songs released from the album so far are better.

As for his upcoming album, Colors has been a long time coming as Beck has been recording, re-recording and changing the album since it first went into production in 2013.

He released ‘Dreams the first track from it back in June, 2015 and then nothing else for a year until Wow‘ in June, 2016.

Up All Night‘ followed in September that year, but the music video didn’t surface until a couple of weeks ago when it was announced the track would be the third single from ‘Colors‘.

You can pick up Colors on Amazon, and watch ‘Dear Life‘ with lyrics below.

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