Billie Ellish’s ‘Bored’ Ends Up on ’13 Reasons Why’ Soundtrack

Billie Ellish’s ‘Bored‘ is such a pretty song

I had heard Billie Ellish’s ‘Bored‘ on the soundtrack of Netflix’s original series ‘13 Reasons Why‘ last week, but forgotten to look afterwards to see who singing it even though I thought it was lovely. Then this afternoon, I clicked on a new video on YouTube and there she was — Billie Ellish with the breathiest voice and the prettiest song.

Ellish, by the way, is astonishingly only 15 years old, she’s from Los Angeles, sings songs written by her brother and is generally one very cool girl.

Ocean Eyes‘, was the first song she ever released back in late 2016, and it received almost 900,000 views on YouTube.

Pretty amazing for a song that is not backed by a major label, and for a brand new talent nobody had ever heard of.

Since then, Billie Ellish’s ‘Bored‘ has shown up on ‘13 Reasons Why‘, and is also on the official soundtrack of the series just released on Interscope. You can grab that on Amazon.

You can find out more about Ellish in this fascinating Vogue interview, and listen to ‘Bored‘ in the video below.