Broods Does a ‘1 Mic 1 Take’ Performance of ‘Heartlines (Acoustic)’ and It’s Simple and Beautiful (Video)

I love the trend of videotaping a ‘1 mic 1 take’ song that quite a few mid-level artists are doing nowadays. Artists like New Zealand electro-pop duo Broods, who have just put out a ‘1 mic 1 take’ video of their song ‘Heartlines (Acoustic)‘. A take that is so touching, because it is beautiful in its simplicity and because lead singer Georgia Nott does such a gorgeous job.

Heartlines‘ was co-written by Broods and fellow kiwi Lorde, and is not only lovely musically but it has some wonderful lyrics as well — “I don’t always play nice, but I want to feel your heartlines” — now I know that feeling well.

The song is from the duo’s latest album Conscious, which was released in mid-2016, and in its original recorded version is a very cool electro-pop dance track with a nice beat. In its acoustic version, it becomes sweeter but also much more sad.

Watch Broods doing a ‘1 mic 1 take’ recording of ‘Heartlines (Acoustic)‘ in the video below. I just love this as the acoustic guitar adds such poignancy, and Georgia’s voice and her way of singing this song is just about perfect.


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