Conchita is Wiener Symphoniker’s first pop crossover with ‘From Vienna With Love’ concert and CD

Conchita © TNRB. Markus Morianz

Conchita is Wiener Symphoniker’s first pop crossover

Austrian singer Conchita (Wurst) continues to go from strength to strength, and incredible project after incredible project, as it was announced last week she will not only be performing in concert with the Wiener Symphoniker (Vienna Symphony Orchestra) in October, but will be releasing a collaborative CD with the prestigious orchestra as well.

The CD and the concert will be called From Vienna With Love, and it will be the first pop crossover the Wiener Symphoniker has ever done. An astounding honor for Conchita, although a very well-deserved one.

After all, in the last couple of years, Conchita has really embraced pop crossovers with a number of orchestras around Europe.

One of her first performances of a classical pop collaboration was during the festivities leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna in 2015. There she sang during a Pop Meets Opera concert, featuring various Eurovision 2015 contestants and accompanied by the stage orchestra of the Wiener Staatsoper. (see below)

Watch Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ at Pop Meets Opera, it’s heartbreaking

That performance in and of itself was stunning, and yet was only a tiny precursor of the talents this astounding performer has when it comes to being able to adapt her style of singing to the classical genre. And to do so beautifully.

Almost a year later, in March, 2016, Conchita gave her first From Vienna With Love concert in Sydney, Australia with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and in the world-renowned Sydney Opera House.

That crossover concert was such a huge success, due to both audience numbers and with critics, she was soon putting together a unique pop classical program that could be performed with orchestras all over Europe.

Since then, Conchita has performed pop classical crossover concerts with prestigious orchestras like the Austrian Bruckner Orchestra Linz, and the National Philharmonic Orchestra Berlin.

Conchita gives a superb performance at Brucknerhaus with a wonderful but overly loud Bruckner Orchestra Linz

Last Sunday night, Conchita was in London where she gave a concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra at the London Palladium. A concert that is part of the BBC’s Friday Night Is Music Night, and which will air on BBC Radio 2 on May 11th.

As for the Wiener Symphoniker, Conchita’s first collaboration was back in June last year when she not only performed with the orchestra during a live televised outdoor concert to celebrate the opening of the city’s annual Wiener Festwochen, she also presented the entire show.

I saw both the rehearsal of the 90-minute concert and the concert itself from a position a meter or so away from the stage and let me tell you, in my mind, it is still one of the best things Conchita has ever done.

Because she proved both what a superb and supremely professional presenter she can be, and how powerful her voice is even with the accompaniment of the massive sounds of the Wiener Symphoniker.

So, when it was announced last week Conchita would be performing with the Wiener Symphoniker in a full concert again, and releasing a collaborative CD, I can honestly say I was not that surprised.

After all, while the Wiener Symphoniker is one of Vienna’s most prestigious orchestras (they really are wonderful), there has never been an Austrian superstar at the international level Conchita is now at, nor one that is this adored, loved and even more importantly respected.

For me, it is lovely the Wiener Symphoniker has realized that, and has rightfully decided a collaboration with Austria’s superstar singer could benefit both of them.

As the British morning talk show host Lorraine said to Conchita in a television interview in London yesterday morning (see below),

“Your home town Vienna, they have embraced the whole concept of Conchita. You’re doing From Vienna With Love later this year. That’s the big big project?…Again, that is very grown up and it’s got real credibility. And that’s the thing about you. It’s not a novelty. It really isn’t. I mean here we are four years down the line (four years after she won Eurovision), and you are doing better than ever”

She is. She most definitely is.

You can currently pick up tickets to From Vienna With Love, the October 20th concert featuring Conchita and the Wiener Symphoniker, on the Wiener Symphoniker’s website.  They range in price from € 89.00 down to € 35.00.

I would suggest, however, that you grab them quickly as all tickets in the front two sections of the Wiener Konzerthaus have already sold out since going on sale a few days ago, as have most of the other tickets on the floor of the theater itself.

So unless you want to be stuck up in the gods, and have Conchita and the orchestra just a pin prick on the stage below you, think fast and buy them now.

After all, I think it is going to be one of the concerts to see in Vienna this year.

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