Elmo’s ‘Shine’ Featured on ‘Suits’ Season 5, Episode 1 – TV and Movie Music

Elmo connected

Elmo’s ‘Shine‘ one of tracks on Season 5, Episode 1 of Suits

Elmo’s ‘Shine’ was one of the songs featured on the latest episode of the USA TV series Suits this week (Season 5, Episode 1 – “Denial”). The lounge track is from his album Connected, released in March of this year on the Five Missions More label.

And here’s a lesson on choosing the right name when you decide to become a singer. As Elmo? I can’t find a single piece of information on the singer, other than that his music has been featured on several TV commercials, even though he seems to have at least two albums out.

Because every search for Elmo brings up page after page of links to articles about the world’s most famous furry red monster.

Oh well. Enjoy Elmo’s ‘Shine’ in the Deezer widget below. It is a nice track.