Listen to Audrey Assad’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ from ‘Timeless’ — Piano-Driven and Lovely


Audrey Assad‘s ‘Wish You Were Here’ was featured on the new TV series ‘Timeless‘ — Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot” — on October 3rd. It was played during the last segment when Lucy tells Wyatt some things are nothing more than fate, Rufus asks out a colleague, and Lucy finds out her mother is fine.

Assad’s ‘Wish You Were Here‘ is a cover of the classic Pink Floyd track, and it’s a sweet, much more emotional piano-driven version instead of the original guitar-laden track. It’s quite lovely actually.

As for Audrey Assad, she is a Nashville-based singer songwriter who is known more for her Christian music than for her non-religious work. She currently has five albums out and a handful of EPs.

You can pick up Audrey Assad’s The Covers EP here. And, of course, listen to her ‘Wish You Were Here‘ below.

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