Listen to Bandit Heart’s ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ — So Pretty

don't let me go bandit heart

I swear, some of the best new music around today shows up on American TV shows.

Case in point, Bandit Heart’s ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, which appeared on Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday night — Season 7, Episode 9, “The Wrath of Kahn“. It showed up during the closing montage when Spencer apologized to Marco, Emily called Paige and Ezra sends a text to Aria saying Nicole hasn’t been found so he’s coming home.

As for Bandit Heart, that’s the name Nashville-based singer songwriter Troy Akers performs under. He currently has several digital singles released, which you’ll find on Amazon, including ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘.

Meanwhile, listen to ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘ below. Boy, that’s pretty.