Listen to Basenji’s ‘Can’t Get Enough’ from ‘Nerve’ — Cute Kawaii-Style Sound


The Basenji electro-pop track ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ is featured in the new techno-thriller movie ‘Nerve‘. It was played right at the beginning of the film, when we see Vee on her computer.

Can’t Get Enough‘ is a light and happy track with a definite Kawaii-sound to it, which actually sets up the movie well, particularly as it descends into something a lot darker and more disturbing soon after.

As for Basenji, aka Sebastian Muecke, he is an Australian electronic music producer and DJ that is just starting out making a name for himself. Being featured in ‘Nerve‘ will certainly help him along.

Listen to Basenji’s ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ below. You can grab the track on Amazon.