Listen to Bishop Briggs’ ‘Pray (Empty Gun)’ from ‘Scream: The TV Series’ — It’s Explosive


British singer Bishop Briggs’ ‘Pray (Empty Gun)’ was featured on Scream: The TV Series last week — Season 2, Episode 12 “When A Stranger Calls“. It was played when Miguel goes to arrest Kieran.

And it’s an explosive electro pop track that shows off Bishop Briggs’ massive voice perfectly as, even though she starts off softly singing about truth being like a loaded gun, and not wanting to hurt her lover, by the chorus she’s belting out how, if she has to, she will.

Listen to Bishop Briggs’ ‘Pray (Empty Gun)‘ in the video below. She just released the track a few days ago. You can grab it on Amazon.

bishop briggs pray empty gun artwork  button

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