Listen to Emika’s ‘Centuries’ from ‘Killjoys’ — Alternately Futuristic and Sinister (Video)

emika centuries

British electronic singer and musician Emika‘s ‘Centuries‘ was featured on the sci-fi series Killjoys this week — Season 2, Episode 6, “I Love Lucy” — during the scene when Dutch is fighting Romwell.

And it is a perfect song for that scene as the track is a great mix of a futuristic, atmospheric melody and something a bit more sinister.

Emika’s ‘Centuries‘ is from her second studio album Dva. Dva being the Czech word for ‘two’. And a title Emika obviously chose because she is of Czech origin.

Centuries‘ also has an official video. A video that is, again, part futuristic cool and part sinister and creepy. Watch it below.

You can pick up her album Dva on Amazon.

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