Listen to Sebastian Kole’s ‘Remember Home’ from Grey’s Anatomy — Beautiful


Sebastian Kole’s ‘Remember Home‘ was featured on Grey’s Anatomy last night (Thursday, November 3rd, 2016) — Season 13, Episode 7, “Why Try To Change Me Now“. The track is from Kole’s debut album Soup, released on October 7th, 2016.

Kole’s ‘Remember Home’ features Alessia Cara, a singer whose debut album he also produced and co-wrote.

As for Kole’s background, he grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, got his start in music by singing in his church from a young age, then moved on into rapping and finally into songwriting and singing once he was in university. He came to the attention of the music industry when he wrote the Jennifer Lopez, Flo Rida track ‘Goin’ In‘.

Watch and listen to Sebastian Kole’s ‘Remember Home‘ featuring Alessia Cara in the video below. Beautiful, isn’t it? And Kole’s voice is incredible. He should be getting more attention than he is.

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