Listen To Sharon Van Etten’s ‘You Know Me Well’ from Orange Is The New Black — Heart-breaking

orange is the new black music

Sharon Van Etten‘s ‘You Know Me Well‘ was featured on the new season of Orange Is The New Black — Season 4, Episode 6 — “Piece of Shit”, just released on June 17th on Netflix.

The track is from Van Etten’s self-produced fourth album Are We There, which hit shelves in early 2014. And it is played in the background on Orange Is The New Black while Nicky goes to a guard to buy heroin.

And it is another Van Etten song that is painful, raw and powerful, and, of course, as is often her calling card…heart-breaking.

Listen to Sharon Van Etten’s emotion grabbing ‘You Know Me Well‘ in the video below. Because, as much as it is a bit of a heart-wrencher, you have to agree it is a perfect choice for that scene.