Listen to The Soft Moon’s ‘Black’ from Eyewitness — Industrial and Harsh


The Soft Moon’s ‘Black‘ was featured on the latest episode of USA Network’s Eyewitness — Season 1, Episode 3, “Bella, Bella, Bella“. It was played at the end of the episode, when Bella was found hung.

Black’ is from Deeper, The Soft Moon’s third studio album, which was released on the Captured Tracks label iin 2015. The track, with its harsh, industrial sound, was also found to be a perfect fit for scenes in both How To Get Away With Murder and Gotham.

As for The Soft Moon, they are a post punk band that hails from Oakland, California. The band started off as a solo project of singer, songwriter and producer Luis Vasquez. He later morphed the project into a fully fledged band which, nowadays, is known as much for its spectacular light shows during its performances as it is for its music.

Listen to The Soft Moon’s ‘Black‘ below. You can download the album Deeper from Amazon.

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