Listen to Valerie Broussards’ ‘A Little Wicked’ from Lucifer — Goth-Tinged Pop That’s Deliciously Dark


Valerie Broussard‘s ‘A Little Wicked‘ was featured on the latest episode of Lucifer on Monday night (September 19th, 2016 — Season 2, Episode 1 — “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer“). And it’s what she calls a ‘goth-tinged pop song’, with some lovely soul undertones playing out in her gorgeous voice.

As for Valerie Broussard, she’s relatively new on the American music scene, having spent the last few years living in London. Broussard is already making a splash with her dark sounds, though, with ‘A Little Wicked‘ not only hitting ‘Lucifer‘, but also appearing on the soundtrack of the season finale of ‘Guilt‘ last month. Expect her debut album to come out soon.

Meanwhile, listen to Valerie Broussard’s ‘A Little Wicked‘ below. Isn’t that deliciously dark?

You can grab the track on Amazon.

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