Silbermond’s ‘Leichtes Gepäck’ a Rocking New Single and an Awesome Comeback (Video)


I used to listen to German rock band Silbermond a few years ago when they were huge. Then they took a two-year break, and I sort of forgot about them. Happily, though, Silbermond is now back with a new album and a fabulous new single to go with it.

Called ‘Leichtes Gepäck‘ (Travel Light), it’s the title track from their new album and, if the rest of the album turns out like this, it’s going to be a winner. As this one comes packed with an amazing amount of power and energy, and a chorus you won’t be able to forget. And an official video that’s just as rocking.

Watch Silbermond’s ‘Leichtes Gepäck’ video below. Isn’t that fabulous? And grab the single on Amazon.

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