Spoon performed ‘The Underdog’ and ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb’ on SNL, 10 years later it’s still cool (videos)

Watch Spoon perform ‘The Underdog‘ and ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb‘ on SNL 10 years ago

I was reminded of American indie rock band Spoon recently when a British singer I interviewed here in Vienna mentioned the band was one of his influences. So, when I saw Saturday Night Live‘s YouTube channel had just uploaded two videos from Spoon’s appearance on SNL back in 2007, I had to check them out.

Not only because I have always liked the band, but also because I think it’s interesting to find out if you can see where a certain musician’s influence come from. (With Spoon and Brendan Doran, I certainly can).

Although, I must admit it is a little bit odd that SNL are only now uploading Spoon’s almost-10-year-old performance. Like someone else said in the YouTube comments, I actually did Google to see if someone in the band had died (thank heavens, no!) or if there was other Spoon news I needed to know about. Nope.

Spoon showed up on SNL on October 6th, 2007 to perform two songs ‘The Underdog’ and ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb‘.

Both songs are from their sixth studio album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (an absolutely brilliant album).  An album that just turned 10 years old this month, so maybe that’s why the SNL upload? Who knows.

The Underdog‘ has also just been featured in the 2017 movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.

But really, who cares what the reason is, as both songs are chill, have great drumming and with catchy beats. And man, don’t you just love Britt Daniels’ vocals on ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb‘? Because his vocals may not be perfect, but jeez, the emotion.

Watch Spoon perform ‘The Underdog‘ and ‘You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb‘ eons ago on SNL in the videos below. They might be 10-year-old performances but are still so so so worth watching.

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