Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’: Let’s Face It, She Has Class – Repeat Rotation Video

taylor swift style


I’m going for something completely mainstream for my Repeat Rotation Video today. Taylor Swift’s ‘Style. It’s catchy, love the guitar introduction, it has great lyrics, and it’s a song I’ve been able to listen to again and again without getting bored. And, yes, it’s Taylor. And she’s quite amazing.

Plus, I did like the comment someone left in the YouTube comments section about Taylor Swift’s ‘Style‘ video. A comment where the fan was lauding Taylor Swift for being “one of the only artists that still has her clothes on in her music videos” and, yes, you’ve got to admit it’s true.

So many of the others seem to be concentrating on showing off their boobs, rear end or both, it’s often less about their music and more about trying to sell their music with their bodies.

For Taylor Swift, however, it’s all about the music, and I like that. Let’s face it, she has class.