Too Soon to Buy a PS Vita for PlayStation 4? This Video Will Help You Decide

Have you already pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 and now you’re thinking you might want to order a PS Vita as well, so you have a nice new package ready to go when the PS4 releases? But is that really a smart thing to do or is it too soon to buy a Vita for the PlayStation 4? Should you wait?

Luckily, before you get even more confused about spending money on a Vita for your new PS4, or you splurge and then regret it, you might want to watch this video from IGN. After all, what if Sony releases a more updated model of the Vita once the PlayStation 4 has been released, making it more compatible than any Vita you could buy today? Have you thought about that?

Here’s what Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty from IGN had to say on the issue as well as the reality of games actually streaming direct to your PS Vita like Sony says they “probably” will.

And yes, while they are just two IGN guys spouting off their opinions with no more idea of what will actually happen with the Vita than you do, I have to say I agree with them. Particularly when it comes to Vita being “good enough” right now and a Vita price drop.

Check the video out below for more on the subject and then, if you still think buying a Vita for your PS4 is a good idea, you can always buy one at Amazon.


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