Watch The National perform 4 live songs from ‘Sleep Well Beast’ on CBS This Morning godlike

Watch The National perform 4 live songs from ‘Sleep Well Beast‘ on CBS This Morning godlike

The National appeared on CBS This Morning yesterday (September 9th, 2017) on the show’s Saturday Sessions where they played songs from their new album Sleep Well Beast. The album was released on Friday.

The four songs they performed were ‘Nobody Else Will Be There‘, ‘Turtleneck‘, ‘Day I Die‘, and ‘The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness‘.

The band was not in the CBS studios, however. Instead, they performed their set live at the Basilica Hudson in New York.

As for the album, this one has not only gone back to some of their earlier sounds, it is also one of the best albums The National has ever released and very likely to end up on a slew of critics’ Best Albums of 2017 lists at the end of the year. It really is that good.

You can buy Sleep Well Beast on MP3, CD and vinyl here, and watch all four live performances of those gorgeous songs below. Yep, they’re almost godlike.

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