Watch Wolf Parade Perform ‘Mr. Startup’ on ‘Conan’, Quirky and a Cool Saxophone (Video)

wolf parade mr startup conan

Conan continues to get some of the coolest music acts on his show. This week it was Canadian indie rock band Wolf Parade with their song ‘Mr. Startup‘ on Conan. And it was a fabulous performance.

Not just because Wolf Parade is always good live and ‘Mr. Startup’ is a fun, quirky song with a fabulous three-piece horn section, including a jazzy saxophone, but also because Wolf Parade has been on a five-year hiatus and has just returned to performing in 2016. Can I just say “Yay!”.

As for ‘Mr. Startup‘, it’s from Wolf Parade’s EP4, which you can pick up on Amazon.

Meanwhile, watch them on Conan below.

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