100 days in Hardcore Minecraft condensed into 30 minutes — Best Minecraft Hardcore video ever

Hardcore Minecraft series are awesome

I am an addict when it comes to watching Hardcore Minecraft videos.

I can sit for days on end watching some dude or dude-ess start from scratch on day 1, build a house, mine, plant crops and fish, fence or wall themselves and their property in, only to die and have their world completely destroyed on day 37.

But the problem with many Hardcore Minecraft series is they can go on forever (after a couple of bad starts that killed him quickly, Sips had about 168 hours in his most successful Hardcore Minecraft before he died). And who has time to watch that much Minecraft? (Okay, I do, but still…)

So, I was thrilled this week to stumble across a brilliant video from YouTuber Luke TheNotable.

Called ‘I Survived Hardcore Minecraft for 100 Days‘, Luke’s 30 minute video shows his entire 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft with just the most important things he did every day featured in it (and yep, at exactly 30 minutes that’s some damned nice editing).

And it’s all done in a tongue-in-cheek way, with Luke’s funny commentary making the days just speed by as you watch.

Luke TheNotable’s 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft

Day 1 — In the first day in his series, Luke chops wood, builds a wooden shack with dirt windows and spends the night mining. He hasn’t died yet, so all is good.

Day 4 — Four days in, Luke has chopped down many of the trees on his property. Thus eliminating hiding places for skeletons and creepers. He has also added a second storey to his house, and enclosed it and the adjoining land with a cobblestone fence. That way he can farm at night if he wants to without worrying about creeper attacks.

Well…if he lights it up properly.

Day 8 — Luke starts to do a little bit of exploring. In a boat. But finds nothing. He spends the night making his mine a little more accessible.

Day 12 — He has a good farm going, has a four-storey house and has done a fair bit of mining. Then a group of pillagers show up. Luckily, Luke now has a massive wall encircling much of the land nearby, so he is able to fend them off with a sword and a shield.

By killing them, he does get the Bad Omen effect, but a bucket of milk from a nearby cow solves that problem.

Day 21 — Cows and pigs have been added to his farm, and a much larger second wall now runs around his entire property. Yep, when you’re playing Hardcore Minecraft, you want to be as safe and secure as you possibly can be.

Luke also discovers a cave system underneath his property, which is where most of the mobs are coming from. A bit of time running around lighting everything up underground, however, and he’s a whole lot more safe.

Day 28 — Luke’s house is now tall and skinny — 10 storeys high — and he’s on the road looking for a village. He doesn’t find one, but he does discover a desert temple he loots. He also finds a pillager outpost that he tries to conquer. Way too many pillager’s spawning, however, and he eventually runs away.

Day 42 — On day 42, and Luke has a decked out basement, an animal farm complete with llamas and sheep, and a full bridge including safety rails plus a granite road straight through an opposite hillside and out the other side.

Luke has also built another shack near a forest at the end of his road. That way, if he’s out too late and doesn’t want to die, he can sleep there.

Finally…a village!!!

Day 58 — Luke has an extended farm, he’s created a canal right through a mountainside he can now travel on in his boat. A canal that meets up with the ocean miles and miles away. He has also spent time looking for sunken ships he then loots for treasure maps and treasure.

And finally, Yay!…. a village appears on the horizon.

Day 78 — More pirate ship looting later, Luke has a big sugarcane farm and there’s a creeper named Elbaton sitting in his basement in a containment chamber. He drowns it now and again…for fun. He also has a nether portal.

Day 81 — Luke has finally found an abandoned mine shaft, complete with loot. On Harcore Minecraft, though, you don’t want to spend too much time there. Not if you’re trying to complete 100 days without dying.

Day 91 — Day 91 is here, and he finally has an enchanting room in his house, and a second creeper named Tors. He has also fished for a saddle, and now has a horse and a horse track over the mountains that dead ends into the village he found earlier.

Day 94 — Luke has a throne room in his basement, replete with a gold seat and surrounded by lavish paintings.

Day 100 — Our intrepid Hardcore Minecrafter has now built a house in the village, made an iron golem, and made the village safe from pillagers.

But, when Luke gets up on Day 100 with a plan to visit all the areas he has created in celebration, a group of pillagers are waiting outside having spawned in his animal pens. What?!

Staying alive still takes priority so a few minutes are spent killing the mofos.

Surviving 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft — done!

Luke does survive 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft, though, and if you like what you saw and want him to go for 200 days, make sure you thumbs up his video and tell him so.

Because enough votes, and that’s what he’ll be doing next.

Check out Luke TheNotable’s ‘I Survived Hardcore Minecraft for 100 Days‘ video below. Highly entertaining, it will give you some great ideas for building in your hardcore world, and you’ll laugh a lot while you’re watching it. (And remember to subscribe to his YouTube channel as well).

Now that’s the type of Hardcore Minecrafter I aim to be.

If I could ever get past day 20.

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Michelle Topham