2014 John Lewis Christmas Ad: Happy Ending for Monty and Mabel (Video)

john lewis 2014 Christmas ad


The John Lewis Christmas ad is one of the most popular ads in the UK over the holiday season, with the store trying to outdo itself every year with its newest version.

The 2014 John Lewis Christmas ad was released a few weeks ago and its actually quite sweet. It features British singer Tom Odell singing his version of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’, and tells the story of Sam, a little British lad, and his pet penguin, Monty.

The two seem happy but, when it gets right down to it, there’s something missing in Monty’s life and Sam has to figure out what it is. Just in time for Christmas.

Watch the 2014 John Lewis Christmas ad below. Sure, it’s a bit cheesy but, with almost 20 million views on YouTube so far, and a lot more on TV, the British certainly don’t seem to mind.



Michelle Topham