3 reasons why you should watch Let’s Make a Mug Too anime series — it’s so darned cute

The still-airing short anime series Let’s Make a Mug Too is not getting the praise I think it should be. At least not in the west.

After all, we don’t get that many anime that is done as consistently well as this one.


For me though, while not quite at the top of my slice-of-life anime series, Let’s Make a Mug Too is still a series I am whole-heartedly enjoying watching, and one that I will likely revisit once it finishes airing in July.

If you haven’t yet sat down to enjoy this 14-minute-an-episode series, but do enjoy a good slice-of-life anime, here then are three reasons why I think you should also watch Let’s Make a Mug Too.

After all, if you love anime about cute girls doing cute things as much as I do, this one offers them in spades.


The art style of Let’s Make a Mug Too is beautiful


I am a sucker for bright, colorful art in an anime. Art that features cute girls with huge eyes, drawn in an incredibly kawaii style.

The characters in Let’s Make a Mug Too are like that — adorably child-like, but still drawn to appear to be their high school age.

The colors used for each character are also vibrant and beautiful, while the art style and colors used for the scenes of the small town the girls live in are slightly more muted but still as lovely.

Even how the close ups of the Mino ware pottery mugs and plates are drawn is really lovely. To the point that, if I could find pottery that looked like that, I would buy it in a nanosecond.

All together, the art style of Let’s Make a Mug Too leaves you with a relaxed, happy feeling as it is just so darned pretty to look at.


Let’s Make a Mug Too teaches you about pottery making

While the series could have been written in a little less ‘dry’ way, the show does still teach you a lot about making pottery authentically.

From how the clay is processed with the girls treading on it with their feet, all the way up to how it is molded on a pottery wheel and then cut into shapes, to how it is fired in the kiln. Some pottery is even hand-built for an even more handmade look.

All of this is told in an educational yet quite interesting way.

In other words, if you have not attempted to create handmade pottery before, by just watching Let’s Make a Mug Too, you would still have a pretty good idea of what to do by the time you got your own piece of clay.

For instance, yesterday, I learned how some clay used for handmade pottery is cut via ‘slab building’.

A process by which slabs of wood are used to help measure out the thickness of clay so that each piece can be cut in a uniform manner.

Before that, I didn’t know ‘slab building’ was a thing and, if I did decide to take a pottery class, I could now probably figure out how to do it quite quickly.


The Let’s Make a Mug Too characters

With the possible exception of blonde-haired Mika, most of the characters in Let’s Make a Mug Too don’t stand out that much. Personality-wise at least.

That doesn’t stop them from being sweet girls with nice personalities. Girls you would probably be happy enough to have in your life. Especially if they taught you how to make pottery too.

In other words, if you like an anime where the characters are fun, pretty and sweet, and adorably cute to look at, then Let’s Make a Mug Too is likely to please.

Particularly as the voice acting for each character is very well done. (continue reading below…)

Let’s Make a Mug Too ending theme song ‘Pale Blue’ is sweet and lovely — watch the animated video

After all, most of us are happy sometimes to be around people that are not too taxing on the brain and don’t require much energy to enjoy.

These are the girls of Let’s Make a Mug Too.

Let’s Make a Mug Too is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and is worth a watch if you are looking for something that is relaxing to watch, won’t cause you to have to over think, and with characters you will quickly grow to enjoy.

Hopefully, a second season is on its way soon too.


Michelle Topham