365 Days to the Wedding trailer intros Rika and Takuya and voice actors Saori Hayami and Kentarou Kumagai

The bells are ringing for the upcoming anime 365 Days to the Wedding, as it received a beautiful key visual (see below) and a new trailer at Anime Japan today.

The new 365 Days to the Wedding trailer introduces the two main characters and their voice actors — bride Rika Honjouji who is being voiced by Saori Hayami (Yor in SPY x FAMILY), and groom Takuya Oohara who is being voiced by Kentarou Kumagai (Laios in Delicious in Dungeon).

The anime is being directed by Hiroshi Ikehata (TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You), with Kazuho Hyoudou (TONIKAWA) in charge of series composition, and Shuuji Maruyama (Isekai Cheat Magician) in charge of character designs.

Ashi Productions (The Tale of Outcasts) is in charge of anime production.

365 Days to the Wedding is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2024, with a firm date expected soon.

New 365 Days to the Wedding key visual featuring Rika and Takuya in front of Tokyo Skytree

The plot of 365 Days to the Wedding

The 365 Days to the Wedding anime follows office workers Rika and Takuya, who work in a Tokyo travel agency.

Both are single, and happy that way, but life suddenly becomes uncomfortable for them as the agency announces they are opening a branch in Siberia, and those who are not married will be the ones sent to staff it.

It is then Rika and Takuya decide to start a fake relationship, with the idea of getting married to each other in a year. Or, at least, being engaged to each other until all the transfers to the new branch have taken effect.

After all, anything is preferable to being sent to a country they don’t want to live in.

As their fake relationship continues, however, is it possible it could turn into something more real?

The 365 Days to the Wedding manga

The upcoming rom-com anime is based on the manga Kekkon Surutte, Hontō desu ka?, “Are You Really Getting Married?” by Tamiki Wakaki.

Seven Seas Entertainment is publishing the manga in English, with two volumes out and Volume 3 due in May.

Watch the just-released new 365 Days to the Wedding trailer, which not only introduces the anime’s main characters Rika and Takuya and their superb voice actors, but also suggests just how hesitant the pair are to be in any kind of relationship.


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