50 Years Since ‘Sound of Music’ Premiered: Still One of Best Movies Ever Made


It is 50 years ago today since ‘The Sound of Music‘ premiered. 50 years since one of the best movies ever made saw the light of day. And, yes, it was one of the best movies ever made back then, and it’s still one of the best today, as it holds up much better than many other movies that age.

The Sound of Music‘, of course, tells the story of the Von Trapp family, and is based on the memoirs of Maria, who talked about how her family escaped Austria while it was under occupation of the Nazis during World War II.

All I know is I grew up on that movie, and must have watched it 50 times with my family when I was a child, as it was one of our favorites. So, interesting to see it still held in such high regard by so many half a century after it was created.

As for the real story of the Von Trapp family as, let’s face it, we all know Hollywood movies aren’t usually that accurate, there’s an interesting article on the BBC’s website called ‘The Truth About the Von Trapp Family’, I’d recommend you read it.

And, of course, rent or rewatch ‘The Sound of Music’ today as a film that good deserves many more viewings.


Michelle Topham