65-Year-Old Helen Mirren Wins LA Fitness Body of the Year Award

2,000 people were polled by the gym, LA Fitness, and asked who had the Body of the Year. When results were in, 66-year-old British actress, Helen Mirren, was the winner.

Mirren beat out Elle McPherson, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook, Pippa Middleton and Jennifer Lopez, to be named ‘Body of the Year’. Much of it, more than likely, because Mirren still looks amazing in a bikini.

Interestingly too, out of all the women on the list, many were in their 30s, 40s or, in Mirren’s case, older.

Jennifer Lopez just turned 42, Elle McPherson is 48, Kelly Brook is 31, leaving only Pippa Middleton at 27 and Cheryl Cole, who is 28.

Looks like times are changing for older women and, in part, gorgeous and sexy older women like Helen Mirren have made that happen.

Good for Helen, I say!

Michelle Topham