7 Solo Leveling manhwa volumes in Overall Top 10 on Yen – Yep, it’s popular

Screen grab from Yen Press website — all rights Yen Press

With the ongoing Solo Leveling anime series one of the most popular of the current season, is anyone surprised the interest in the anime has moved over to the manhwa (Korean term for manga) it is based on?

Or that the Solo Leveling manhwa seems to be selling like ice cream on the beach on a hot summer day over on Yen Press?


In fact, when you look at the current Overall Top 10 Most Popular Books on Yen Press, you probably shouldn’t be surprised to learn seven out of the 10 are various Solo Leveling manhwa volumes either.

Cool cover art for Volume 2 of the Solo Leveling manhwa

That Yen Press Overall Top 10 Most Popular list, by the way, looks like this:

  •  #1Solo Leveling, Volume 1
  •  #2 — Solo Leveling, Volume 2
  •  #3 –Solo Leveling, Volume 7
  •  #4 –Solo Leveling, Volume 3
  •  #5Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Volume 19
  •  #6Solo Leveling, Volume 6
  •  #7Solo Leveling, Volume 4
  •  #8Solo Leveling, Volume 5
  •  #97FATES: CHAKO, Volume 1

Solo Leveling manhwa takes seven places on Top 10 Fantasy Books chart as well

As if having seven volumes of the Solo Leveling manhwa on the Overall Top 10 wasn’t good enough, the same also applies to Yen Press’s Top 10 Fantasy Books chart, with Solo Leveling appearing seven times on that list as well.

It isn’t just the Solo Leveling manhwa series that is selling so well either, as the Solo Leveling light novel series grabbed five spots on the Top 10 Yen On chart (Yen On being the Yen Press imprint for light novels.

Of course, with the Solo Leveling anime being such a hit, it is only natural that anime fans are making sure they can watch or read the intriguing story in every medium.

Yen Press then is happy to oblige with 8 volumes of the Solo Leveling light novel series out in English, and the 8th Volume of the manhwa coming out in English earlier this week.

Solo Leveling is based on the light novel series by Chugong, and the manhwa (webtoon) adaptation written by Chugong and illustrated by Jang Sung Rak.

With three episodes of the anime currently out, you can watch it streaming via Crunchyroll.

And, of course, check its trailer below before you do.

Although, honestly, I can guarantee you the Solo Leveling anime is easily one of the best of the Winter 2024 anime season before you even start.