70 Year Old Mother More Sexually Active Than Son – Graham Norton Show Red Chair (Video)

graham norton mother more sexually active than son

Graham Norton has some of the funniest audience members in his red chair segment. You know, the part where someone from the audience sits on the chair and tells a story, and then Graham or a guest pull the lever to flip the chair and get rid of the person if the story sucks.

Last week, one Graham Norton audience member sat on the red chair and told the story about taking his 70-year-old Chinese mother to her gynecologist appointment. A trip he had to take because she doesn’t speak English, and he needed to translate for her.

But during the trip, he found out something about his mother that left him depressed. Because apparently, this man’s 70-year-old mother is more sexually active than he is.

Watch the hilarious Graham Norton red chair segment below. It’s funny for the story, as well as for Graham’s final comments and his guest’s shocked reactions.

And, of course, there was no red chair flipping for that Graham Norton guest that night, as Graham, the guests and the audience were in too many fits of laughter to do anything but let the guy walk.


Michelle Topham