’99 Homes’ Trailer Released – A Movie You Must See (Video)

99 homes

99 Homes‘ a new thriller due out this month starring Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern and Michael Shannon, just had its trailer release today and, boy, is this one movie I’m going to be in line for as soon as the box office opens.

99 Homes‘ tells the story of Dennis Nash (Garfield) who loses his job and is struggling to keep a roof over his family’s head. Real estate broker Rick Carver (Shannon) arrives on his doorstep giving him and his children and mother (Dern) just a few minutes to pack everything they own as they are being evicted.

Living in a grotty motel with no money and no job, Nash comes across Carver again, and he’s soon working for him forcing other people out of their homes, in the hopes of eventually getting his own home back.

’99 Homes‘ highlights the appalling treatment of millions of families across America after the 2008 housing market catastrophe. Families just struggling to survive in an economy devastated by crooked banks, and who are now the very businesses going after the people who’s lives they helped to destroy. Often in patently illegal and scam-infested ways.

And a catastrophe that is still in progress the length and breadth of America.

The movie is getting rave reviews, particularly for the performances of Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon. It releases in movie theaters on September 25th.

Watch the ‘99 Homes‘ trailer below. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

And it particularly strikes a chord with me. As I remember moving to America 30 years ago, and a family friend who had also emigrated there saying “America is a great country, if you are a winner. If you are a loser, God help you”. It is absolutely true. ‘99 Homes‘ proves that.


Michelle Topham

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