A Good Day to Be a Dog E4 earns LOWEST rating so far but international viewers LOVE it

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The ongoing MBC drama A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 4 earned its lowest rating so far last night.

According to Nielsen Korea, A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 4 garnered just 1.7 percent of the audience share, which ranked it as the 32nd most-watched show of the day on Korean TV.

That rating is a drop from its previous episode’s 1.9 percent, and quite a large drop from its all-time high (Episode 2) of 2.8 percent.

A drop that is also not surprising, however, as not only did MBC decide to air two episodes of the drama on the day it premiered,  the drama was then postponed last week due to a baseball game.

Throw in that A Good Day to Be a Dog is a once-a-week K-drama, which often perform poorly, and it is not unexpected to see a ratings drop this early in its run.

That being said the K-drama does still have 10 more episodes to air, so there is plenty of time for its ratings to improve.


Photo courtesy MBC

International viewer ratings for A Good Day to Be a Dog

When it comes to international viewer ratings for A Good Day to Be a Dog, however, the story is quite different.

On My Drama List, a site whose users are notoriously stingy when it comes to giving high ratings, A Good Day to Be a Dog is currently rated a very high 8.5 out of 10.

On Viki, where the fantasy romance drama is currently streaming, that site’s users also seem to love the drama, as they are currently rating it an exceptionally high (even for that site) 9.7 out of 10.

And on IMDB, another site that is notorious for lower ratings, A Good Day to Be a Dog is also rated a high 8.7 out of 10.

Viewer comments on both sites are also overwhelmingly positive.

The next episode of the drama will air on Wednesday, November 8th, with Viki streaming it for international viewers on the same day.

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