Abba Museum in Stockholm, Sweden: Fans Get Sneak Peak (Video)

new abba museum stockholm

Like most of Europe, I was a huge Abba fan back in the 1970s. So, I was thrilled to hear a new Abba Museum is to open in Stockholm, Sweden today.

Dedicated to the Swedish group, Abba, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 and then skyrocketed to international fame, the Abba Museum will show all-things Abba, a fact which delighted a small group of Abba fans who were given a sneak peak this weekend.

The Abba Museum includes the pop group’s famous glitzy and sometimes outrageous costumes, some of the instruments that they used to play their most famous hits and other Abba-related mementos.

There’s a 70s disco, where fans can bop along to all Abba’s hits and a holograph section where you can ‘audition’ to become a new member of the group.

That becomes even cooler when you realize your attempt at singing along with the band is also videotaped and can then be sent to you via the internet. Imagine how many of these are going to end up on YouTube!

Of course, there’s also an Abba Shop, where die-hard fans can buy even more Abba trinkets to add to their already bursting collections.

I’ve never been to Stockholm, Sweden but, if I ever do, you can darn well guarantee I’ll be heading to the Abba Museum. As schlocky as it may sound to some, I think it’s kinda cool.


After all, the music of this awesome pop band was a huge part of my teen years and that’s a nice thing to remember.



Michelle Topham