Actor Colin Firth Withdraws Support For Lib Dems Over Tuition Fee Hikes

colin firth in pride and prejudice

British actor, Colin Firth, of Pride and Prejudice fame, has announced publicly he will no longer be supporting the UK’s Liberal Democrat party.

Firth was a vocal celebrity supporter of the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg during the last election, but after they caved on the promise they made not to increase university tuition fees, even Colin Firth is done with them.


When making his announcement, Firth said he’s “now without affiliation”. Hopefully, he will go Labour.

In fact, it’s already looking like David Cameron will be a one-term PM, and with Ed Milliband as Labour’s dynamic new leader, they’re just about a shoe-in if things continue to disintegrate in the UK as they are.

Seriously though, when a lovely chap like Colin Firth comes out against the Lib Dems, they really are done, done, done.