Air New Zealand’s Epic Safety Video: Heck, I’d Fly Them on This Alone (Video)

air new zealand safety video


I spend half my life watching YouTube videos (literally….half my life!), yet there are still some I miss seeing when they first go ‘viral’. That includes this one. Air New Zealand’s epic safety video — a video I have to say is one of the best I’ve seen all year — and yet, even though I’d heard about it, one I watched for the first time today.

And man, I wish I’d seen that earlier. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the subsequent films in the series, are my most favorite films ever (and, no, I’m not exaggerating), so to see the film being used so magically this way in an Air New Zealand safety video is absolutely awesome.


So, just in case you’re three weeks behind the times, like me, I’m posting the viral Air New Zealand safety video here so you can see it too. And, of course, the making of the epic Air New Zealand video below that.

Come on. Wouldn’t you want to fly with an airline that is that cool?


Michelle Topham