Alexander Skarsgård Says ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ Different Adaptation Than You’d Expect

alexander skarsgard

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård was at The Legend of Tarzan premiere this week, where he talked about how different an adaptation this movie has than previous versions. After all, you don’t expect Tarzan and Jane to be living in London, or Tarzan to be at 10 Downing Street having high tea with the prime minister. But they are. And he does.

According to Skarsgård, he was very excited when he first heard The Legend of Tarzan was going to be made.

After all, he explained “I was a huge fan of Tarzan ever since I was a little kid. I would watch the old Johnny Weissmuller movies with my dad, but I was also very curious as the story has been told so many times. So I was curious to see how Adam Cozad, the writer, had interpreted the story. I just thought it was really brilliant to start in London and then return to your roots”.

The latest version of Tarzan has the man living in 1880s Victorian London as Lord Greystoke, but then being called back to the Congo as a representative of the British government. It’s then that we get to see and hear the vine swinging and the Tarzan calls we are used to.

The Legend of Tarzan opens around the globe on July 1st. Watch Alexander Skarsgård talk about it in the video below.

Michelle Topham