Alicia Keys Says You Become ‘Fiercer’ When You’re a Mother (Video)

alicia keys the today show and motherhood



Singer Alicia Keys was on The Today Show this week to talk about her latest single ‘We are Here‘, a song about why every one of us is on the planet, and why we should all be treating each other better.

During her conversation about the song with the guys at The Today Show, Keys also talked about motherhood and how being a mother has really changed what she does with her life.

“As a mother you start feeling…….. the fierceness on an even more empathetic energy. I’ve always been an empathetic person, I’ve always related to what we’ve gone through as a humanity. But, when you start seeing your kids in the mix and what they’re going to grow up in, and what they’re going to be a part of or how they can change it, you get fiercer”.

Keys, of course, is pregnant with her second child with husband Swizz Beatz. Their son, Egypt, is almost four.

Catch the rest of what Alicia Keys had to say on The Today Show below.

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