Alienware’s Steam Machine: New Machine Every Year – No Upgrades Allowed


While the idea of a Steam Machine is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in years, Alienware’s Steam Machine really takes the cake. That’s because the company has just announced Alienware’s Steam Machine will require a new machine being purchased every year as it’s not going to be upgradeable or customizable. Can I just ask, what the hell use is that?

According to Alienware’s General Manager Frank Azor, who seems to have the intelligence of a pop-eyed newt, they aren’t offering any customization options so it can’t be updated, but as “consoles update every five, six or seven years” it’s not really important, as Alienware’s Steam Machine will be updated every year. So you can just buy a new one.

That means, if the Alienware Steam Machine comes in around the same price as a typical console (price hasn’t been announced yet), it will cost the average consumer five, six or seven times the cost of a comparable console. Now what kind of idiot would pay for that?


All I can say is Alienware’s Steam Machine sounds like a complete fail — as do all other Steam Machines for that matter.

Me? I’m glad I bought another PC. It’s upgradeable, customizable and plays every game I’ve ever wanted to buy. An Alienware Steam Machine? You can keep it.

Michelle Topham