Amanda Holden and Graham Norton Argue Over Wendy The Talking Dog (Video)

amanda holden wendy the talking dog graham norton

Amanda Holden and Graham Norton argue over Wendy The Talking Dog

The lovely Amanda Holden was on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night, where she ended up in a fight (a funny one!) with Graham over Wendy, The Talking Dog that sings.


According to Holden, Britain’s Got Talent has a dog that “can talk. And not only that, she’s bilingual”.

Graham, of course, disagreed saying “But there’s something strapped to that dog”, to which Amanda replied, “Graham, it’s a talking dog…..Listen, in your world, there might be things strapped to things….”.

And, yes, everyone, including Graham, fell around laughing at that remark.

Watch Amanda Holden argue with Graham Norton about Wendy the Talking Dog, below and then, of course, watch Wendy The Talking Dog and her incredible ventriloquist owner French entertainer Marc Métral.

Isn’t that just the most fabulous act?


Michelle Topham