Amanda Holden’s Headstand Flashing Saved By Graham Norton (Video)

amanda holden graham norton headstand

Just in case you missed Amanda Holden doing a headstand on the Graham Norton Show, the BBC finally has the clip up on YouTube and you really do need to watch it. Not only because Amanda is a lot sportier than some of us might have thought, but also because she had no problems doing a handstand in front of a live audience while wearing a little black dress.

The problem, of course, with Amanda Holden doing a headstand on a live TV show was she really wasn’t dressed for the occasion and it may not have occurred to her that doing gymnastics in a teeny black dress might soon equal having your dress around your ears and your knickers flashing the world. (Although it had occurred to her that the ‘girls’ might fall out, which is why she jokingly asked Graham Norton to be on ‘girl watch’ before she started her gymnastics feat.)

Luckily, Graham saw exactly what was about to happen and, being the gentleman he is, rushed to the rescue.

A strategically placed hand close to Amanda’s derriere later, and the headstand was completed in superb fashion and without any unintended slippage at all (more’s the pity as far as the men in the audience were concerned, I’m sure).

Watch the clip in the video below and don’t forget to admire Amanda’s lovely looks and sweet and funny personality while you’re at it. She really is adorable, isn’t she?