Amanda Seyfried Struts Her Mutt for Dogs and Cats Euthanized in Shelters — Instagram Photo of the Day

One thing I love about actress Amanda Seyfried is how much she loves her dog, Finn. So much so, Finn appears on Amanda’s Instagram account more than she does.

On today’s Instagram Photo of the Day, though, I’m choosing a photo from Amanda Seyfried’s Instagram account of both her and Finn.


It’s a photo Amanda uploaded for the charity dog walk Strut Your Mutt. An annual event that raises money for lifesaving adoption services for animals that are currently in shelters, as well as neutering and spaying services to prevent more unwanted animals being born.

Seyfried and Finn are spokespeople for the event this year, which is one of the many reasons why she is making sure as many people as possible know about it.

Check out Amanda Seyfried strutting her mutt in the Instagram photo of the day, and make a donation to the event. And God, isn’t Finn the cutest dog ever?

Michelle Topham