Amy Schumer Says She Loves Making Fun of Herself (Video)

amy schumer self deprecation

Not two hours ago, I was talking to a friend about how I love people who don’t mind making fun of themselves. After all, to me, there’s nothing more boring than someone who takes themselves too seriously, and cannot admit they make mistakes.


So, to now see comedian Amy Schumer saying she loves making fun of herself as “It’s like people are so angry and love to, like, burn somebody at the stake. So I’ll just burn myself”, well that, it just made my day.

Amy Schumer talked about self-deprecation in a round table discussion she was involved in with The Hollywood Reporter and a group of comedians.

She started out by saying it’s the aggression people have against someone they don’t even know, and especially against women, that she finds fascinating.

The discussion then moved onto sexism and racism in Hollywood, and how Schumer always tries to avoid stereotypes when she’s casting for her show.

Watch the short video of Amy Schumer talking about self-deprecation below. As usual, she’s smart and funny and fabulous.