Amy Schumer Was Fired From a Lesbian Bar (Video)


The fabulous and hilarious Amy Schumer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today where she told Ellen about working with idol Goldie Hawn, collecting soft toys that freak out her boyfriend, and getting fired from a lesbian bar.


Yep. Amy Schumer used to work in a lesbian bar. A job she thought might be a problem because she would ‘get hit on’ by women all the time. Sadly, she didn’t. Not once. And then she got fired.

“I was hired to work at this lesbian bar,” said Schumer, and Ellen jumped in asking “As what?”

“As a lesbian”, quipped Amy.

“First I thought, great, no men. But then I forgot it was going to be like all women,” said Schumer, making fun of some of the lesbians that used to come into the bar. “You know, “What should I get to drink?”. And I was like “I dunno. What do you normally drink?”

Schumer went on to say, “And I really thought women are going to hit on me. Like how do I break it to them that I’m straight. And no-one ever hit on me. Even once. Then I was let go”.

And the best thing about Amy Schumer on Ellen? Just how funny Ellen found her and how much she laughed.

Watch Amy Schumer talking about being fired from a lesbian bar in the video before. Gotta love that deadpan sense of humour.

Michelle Topham