Andi Knoll – Commentator, Radio Presenter, and Yummy Boy Indeed

photo copyright Miriam Primik – Creative Commons License

One of the fabulous things about discovering Conchita Wurst is all the other amazing people she has brought into my life. After all, before May 10th, 2014 I couldn’t have named an Austrian celebrity if my life depended upon it.

Now, however, there are quite a few I’m keeping my eye on. Austrians in the public eye who are creative, smart, interesting and, thank the Lord, speak English.

One of the people I have liked since I first saw him on screen is Andi Knoll. He is the guy who does the Austrian commentary for the Eurovision Song Contest every year. He was also featured in a documentary with the lovely Ms. Wurst, is a radio and TV presenter, and pops up here and there in videos on YouTube.

All in all a well-rounded presenter, who is great looking and very good at what he does.

So…..what is so fabulous about Andi Knoll?

A lot of things actually.

He is smart, funny, sweet, open-minded, has a lovely voice and, if my sense of him is correct (and I am rarely wrong), he’s kind. Throw in his gorgeous looks, and Andi Knoll is one yummy boy indeed.

Plus, with Austria now being the host of Eurovision Song Contest 2015, I am guessing Andi Knoll will likely make at least one or two appearances on stage.

Let’s hope so, as he always does the country proud.

Michelle Topham