André Hamann is Instagram’s Sexiest Man: Really, He Is

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Source: Instagram – andrehamann


German model André Hamann is the talk of Instagram and, honestly, it’s no wonder. He’s gorgeous. A full beard, beautiful eyes, tattoos and an amazing body – yep, André Hamann is one of the most beautiful men on the planet and currently Instagram’s sexiest man. No really. He is.

Just check out the luscious photos on Hamann’s Instagram account – as well as these four here on Leo Sigh, just four of many more equally as hot. You don’t get much sexier than that.

If you want to book André Hamann for your next photo shoot (and, honestly, who in their right minds wouldn’t?), you can get a hold of him through


Oh and did I say Hamann plays a pretty mean guitar as well? Watch his video below. Yep. That’s almost perfection.

Michelle Topham