Angelina Jolie Has Chickenpox, Unable to Promote ‘Unbroken’ (Video)

angelina jolie chickenpox


Director Angelina Jolie’s new movie ‘Unbroken‘ is due in movie theaters on Christmas Day, and now is the time she would normally be hitting the talk show circuit to talk about it.

Unfortunately, however, Jolie has chickenpox, so will be unable to promote ‘Unbroken‘ like she normally would do with any movie she makes — something she just announced via video on Universal Studios YouTube channel yesterday.

“So, I will be home, itching and missing everyone. And I can’t believe it, as this film means so much to me…”, said Jolie, looking more than a little upset about the news.

After all, ‘Unbroken‘ is only the second film Angelina Jolie has directed but, from interviews she has given in the last month, it’s one of the movies out of all that she has done that has meant the most to her. And not being able to help promote the movie could certainly hinder its success.

All I can say is, sorry you have chicken pox, Angelina, as that really is a horrible thing to have any time, but especially when you’re an adult — and hope you feel much better soon.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in hearing what she has to say about making ‘Unbroken’, Jolie gave an interesting interview to the UK’s Channel 4 News recently.