Ani DiFranco’s ‘Woe Be Gone’: New Single is Catchy, Happy and Fun (Official Lyrics Video)

ani difranco woe be gone official video



I’m always amazed Ani DiFranco isn’t a bigger star than she is. She’s unique, has an incredible voice, is unique, writes all her own material, is unique, is a poet, is unique, a fabulous guitarist, a feminist icon and, oh yes, did I mention she’s unique?

So, I was beside myself and practically squealing when I saw her latest album was about to be released and the official lyrics video for the first single from it was already up on YouTube on her Righteous Babes record label channel.

Called ‘Woe Be Gone‘, it’s Ani DiFranco in a happy, cheerful mood (not always something this woman is famous for), and, even though it still features her usual stacato style, it’s actually quite catchy and fun to listen to.

You can listen to it below. Cool, eh?


Michelle Topham