Animal Collective’s ‘FloriDada’ Video is a Technicolor Alien Love Story

animal collective floridada

Animal Collective has a new video out for the first single from their new album. Called ‘FloriDada‘, the band calls the video for the track ‘an alien love story’. Watch it and you’ll figure out why.

Be warned, though, if you’re epileptic or prone to seizures, this video is probably not for you as, while beautiful, it is very flashy, as well as a bit headache inducing.

As for Animal Collective’s new 12-track album, it’s their 11th, it’s called Painting With, and it will be released on February 19th on the Domino label. If you like experimental pop, I’m guessing you will love this, as Animal Collective’s music is always rich, energetic and cool.

The album is from just a trio this time too — Avey Tare (David Portner), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), and Geologist (Brian Weitz) — as Deakin (Josh Dibb) is working on his own solo album so did not collaborate.

The band will also kick off a short US tour to promote the album in Philadelphia on the same day.