Anne Gadegaard’s Song ‘Suitcase’ is Fun, Modern and Sweet: Repeat Rotation Video

anne gadegaard suitcase

Denmark had their Dansk Melodi Grand Prix last night to choose the Danish representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna in May. The show took place in Aalborg, Denmark with 10 acts performing, and a winning act being chosen that night. The group Anti Social Media with their song ‘The Way You Are’ was the winner.

Although I did like ‘The Way You Are‘, my personal favorite of the evening was Anne Gadegaard and her song ‘Suitcase‘, as it’s fun, modern and sweet. Her performance too was great, and she has a lovely voice and a nice stage presence.

So, I figured I’d play Anne Gadegaard’s ‘Suitcase‘¬†as my Repeat Rotation Video today. Won’t get to hear it at Eurovision unfortunately, but I can listen to it now, and I’d hate to see it disappear into oblivion just because it didn’t win, as it really is a nice song.


Watch it below.


Michelle Topham