Anne Hathaway Shows ‘Interstellar’ Zero Gravity Move on Graham Norton (Video)

anne hathaway zero gravity interstellar



Anne Hathaway showed off her ‘Interstellar‘ zero gravity move on The Graham Norton Show this week, proving once and for all what we see in movies isn’t always as high-tech as we think it is.

In fact, all Anne Hathaway’s zero gravity move in this instance required was for her to stand on one leg and then move slowly around the set, looking around in amazement, and……. she was floating in space.

Well……not really. But, you get the gist.

‘Interstellar’, which both Anne and co-star Matthew McConaughey said was the most incredibly ‘big’ movie they’ve ever worked on, will be out in movie theatres on November 5th, 2014.

Meanwhile, watch Anne and Matthew McConaughey, one of the sexiest actors alive today, on The Graham Norton Show in the video below.

Michelle Topham