Annie Lennox Awarded O.B.E. By Queen Elizabeth

annie lennox obe
photo copyright nemahziz, Creative Commons license

One of the highest honors a British citizen can ever receive is to be given an O.B.E. (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth, with the list of people being honored announced every New Year.

Scottish singer Annie Lennox, of Eurythmics fame as well as a stellar solo career, is on the list for this year’s O.B.E.s it was announced at 12:01am this morning.

Interestingly though, Annie Lennox won’t receive her O.B.E. for her musical career. Instead, the Queen is awarding it for her work with Oxfam and various AIDS charities in Africa.

Upon hearing the O.B.E. news, Lennox said: “As somewhat of a renegade, it either means I’ve done something terribly right – or they have done something terribly wrong.”

You really do have to love her, don’t you. I know she’s always been my idol.  One of Annie Lennox’ best albums ever is the 1992 “Diva“. If you’re looking for an absolutely perfect album and haven’t heard this, buy it.

Michelle Topham